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2006 saw Christianity take a real pummelling. Prof. Richard Dawkins made his anti-god crusade at the ‘Gate of St Peters’, not to get in - but to let people out! He wants to free people from what he believes is the God delusion. It’s a war that Dawkins has been waging for years. The beginning of 2006 saw Richard Dawkins biggest assault yet. It began early in January of 2006 with Dawkins’ Channel 4 documentary, “A War on Science”. The two one hour series was called, “The Root of all Evil?” While against all religion one analysis suggested that “perhaps half of episode one and nearly 80% of episode two was spent criticizing Christians and that he deliberately equated Christianity with Islamic terrorists.”

Many have found Dawkins’ book a fascinating read – and I concede he is right in many things he has to say about religion. Along with others, I have found myself fearful of what ‘religion’ is doing in the name of God in our world. But I have already found too that Dawkins’ is also very selective and irrational in his attacks on Christianity. This has not endeared him to even many of his atheist colleagues. When reading Dawkins God, written by one of Dawkins’ fellow Oxford professors, Alister McGrath, one can’t help thinking that while Dawkins is acknowledged to be a very brilliant and honoured scientist, he has in some ways become an embarrassment to Oxford, as well as a tool for the media who use him for drawing attention for the controversy he creates.

Surprisingly, his attacks on Christianity and on Creationism and Intelligent Design in particular, it appears they have achieved the opposite of what was intended. They have focussed people’s minds on the issue of origins which might not have been previously given much attention, and the response has been surprising. Following the BBC Horizon programme, “A War on Science,” a MORI poll (January 06) discovered that 41% of respondents wanted to see Intelligent Design included in the school curriculum. Taking the UK population to be around 60 million that would represent something like 24 million of the UK population! A massive 44% of respondents said they wanted Creationism included in the school curriculum. That would represent around 26 Million of the UK population!

The January 2006 MORI Poll shook the scientific community. The President of the Royal Society, Lord Martin, said that after 150 years after Darwin: “It is surprising that many should be sceptical of Darwinian evolution.”

Undaunted by the Poll, or perhaps challenged by it, Prof. Dawkins produced his final assault for 2006 with his publication, The God Delusion. Richard Dawkins might well have confirmed the sceptic in his unbelief but the message that has come from authors, interviewers and reviewers is that Dawkins has emboldened and built up the faithful rather than disarmed them. The Creationist and Intelligent Design movements have flourished - producing websites, published and audio/visual materials – flourishing in the face of the media that has shown partiality to Darwinism. This website brings together some of this fast growing ‘industry’ to provide a resource for those who want to be informed of an alternative view to the now much questioned Darwinian view of origins.

For some, the best way to treat Richard Dawkins on his atheist crusades has been not to take him too seriously. And yet, he seems to have affirmed many in a distorted view of Christianity that for some is disturbing in how it could destabilize civil society.

As we have moved through 2007 into 2008 it is increasingly obvious that atheism’s war on Christianity has not subsided – and more can be expected as we approach the bicentenary of Darwin’s birth, 12 February 2009.

The Christian response to atheism’s attacks will want to avoid the abusive language and style presented in The God Delusion. Dialogue and détente is preferable to debate and diatribe in civilised society. This website intends to provide information rather misinformation as TGD presents about Christianity. Christians believe they have something very special to share, but never to impose.

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